Aayush Shah
Senior | Quantitative Economics; Information & Computer Science, Statistics
Cupertino, CA
Pledge Class
Alpha Iota
Industry of Interest
Private Equity, Consulting, Finance
Recent Position
Private Equity Summer Analyst @ The Everstone Group
Campus Involvements
SCNO, MAISS, UCI Esports, Quokka Brew Ambassadors
Hi there! My name is Aayush Shah and I initiated in the fall of my freshmen year, 2019, with the Alpha Iota Class! When I have some free time on my hands, I love to play Spikeball, listen to Country Music, and spend time with friends. A quick fun fact about me, I've actually eaten the spiciest pepper in the world the Carolina Reaper(I ate the whole thing!). Feel free to ask me if I think there is life on other planets at recruitment, I look forward to meeting you!
SVP: (510) 333-1880
Irvine, CA
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