Henry Wang
Senior | Business Administration
Cupertino, CA
Pledge Class
Alpha Epsilon
Industry of Interest
Marketing, Product Management
Recent Position
Product Marketing Manager Intern at Microsoft in Redmond, WA
Campus Involvements
MUSA Exec. Board (2018-2020), AMP (2018-2019), ASUCI (2018-2020)
Hi! My name is Henry and I initiated in my fall quarter of my first year at UCI. In my free time, I enjoy landscape photography, watching basketball, and playing video games. Fun fact: I can solve a Rubik's cube pretty fast, and I'm learning to solve it blindfolded! During recruitment, ask me about my passion for Fiji bottled water, my absolute pitch, and my internship at the Taco Bell headquarters!
SVP: (510) 936-3029
Irvine, CA
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