Aayush Shah
Junior | Quantitative Economics; Information & Computer Science, Statistics
Cupertino, CA
Pledge Class
Alpha Iota
Industry of Interest
Private Equity, Consulting, Finance
Recent Position
Private Equity Summer Analyst at The Everstone Group
Campus Involvements
SCNO, MAISS, UCI Esports, Quokka Brew Ambassadors
Hi there! My name is Aayush Shah and I initiated in the fall of my freshmen year, 2019, with the Alpha Iota Class! When I have some free time on my hands, I love to play Spikeball, listen to Country Music, and spend time with friends. A quick fun fact about me, I've actually eaten the spiciest pepper in the world the Carolina Reaper(I ate the whole thing!). Feel free to ask me if I think there is life on other planets at recruitment, I look forward to meeting you!
SVP: (408) 431-5350
Irvine, CA
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