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Delta Sigma Pi
The Premier Business Fraternity | Pi Sigma Chapter


Established in 2008, the Pi Sigma Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi at UC Irvine is the oldest business fraternity on campus. Our chapter has cultivated a growing legacy of achievement, mentorship, and leadership within business and beyond.



From various professional aspirations to pastime hobbies, our brothers are incredibly unique and diverse. Our drive to succeed and support for one another makes us a tight-knit community like no other.



We have countless brothers with competitive internships and full-time experience in finance, marketing, technology, accounting, consulting, entrepreneurship, and more – the opportunities for growth are endless with Delta Sigma Pi.

Letter from the President

You know that feeling when a package arrives in the mail that you forgot you even ordered? It’s something like an unexpected rush, a highlight-of-my-day that’s talked-about-for-weeks moment. Finding the words to describe my past 3 years in Delta Sigma Pi, in all its entirety, has been near impossible – it’s something that I’ve been able to encompass best only through moments and feelings. It was the feeling of relief when I, as a timid freshman overwhelmed by the possibilities of my own major and career choices, was personally invited to learn more about a unique opportunity of professionalism and community on campus. The feeling of anticipation-turned-awe as I attended recruitment, exchanged inspiring conversations with brothers about our aspirations, dreams, and interests, and left fulfilled. The moments of warmth and pride as I continuously witness my brothers’ achievements and personal growth.

Much like a surprise delivery, every moment I’ve spent in the chapter has exceeded my expectations by far. Each brother in the chapter has such unique passions and backstories, and we are able to use this individuality to challenge each other to always strive for better. We push each other to prep for interviews, expand our networks, or excel in the job application process, but also to try that new hobby we’ve always wanted to try or book those travel plans. I never thought I could be capable of joining such a driven, tight-knit organization, much less lead one, but Delta Sigma Pi has pushed me to defy all expectations. This brotherhood is truly made up of the most selfless, intelligent and caring individuals I know, and I spend every day grateful that I have had the privilege of crossing paths with each of them.

My experience in the Fraternity has been more than memorable, and I’m excited to see how the chapter continues to grow. I hope that you will consider joining us at our upcoming recruitment to see for yourself what makes this community so special, and to take this first step in joining the Fraternity yourself :)

Grace Hsiang | President - Pi Sigma Chapter
SVP: (408) 431-5350
Irvine, CA
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