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Delta Sigma Pi
The Premier Business Fraternity | Pi Sigma Chapter


Established in 2008, the Pi Sigma Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi at UC Irvine is the oldest business fraternity on campus. Our chapter has cultivated a growing legacy of achievement, mentorship, and leadership within business and beyond.



From various professional aspirations to pastime hobbies, our brothers are incredibly unique and diverse. Our drive to succeed and support for one another makes us a tight-knit community like no other.



We have countless brothers with competitive internships and full-time experience in finance, marketing, technology, accounting, consulting, entrepreneurship, and more – the opportunities for growth are endless with Delta Sigma Pi.

Letter from the President

Dear Prospective Member,

Three years ago, I moved into Mesa Court as a homesick freshman with doubts and hesitations about my college decision. I felt lost and alone in the new environment, and I had no idea what was out there for my future career. Being a Business Economics major, I knew the professional opportunities I wanted to pursue would not be served on a silver platter – I had to chase them myself. This is when I came across Delta Sigma Pi’s booth at the Fall 2018 Anteater Involvement Fair. Every conversation I had with the brothers at recruitment held more substance than the average small talk. Instead, I was asked about my goals and even learned about the brothers’ challenges. The best part? The knowledge and kindness I received didn’t just stop at recruitment, it lasted through every moment of my time in the Fraternity.

Every brother and alum I’ve crossed paths with have shown me the true meaning of brotherhood. Time and time again, I witness my brothers’ willingness to help those around them – whatever the situation, whenever it is, and however they can. From compiling a spreadsheet of active internships to picking up a brother at 3AM because her car broke down, every brother is always a call or text away. Furthermore, our chapter is home to a diverse group of individuals. Talk to any of our brothers and you’ll find that we each have our own stories, passions, and even drives. Nonetheless, we educate and challenge each other to be the best version of ourselves and unite as one. Between studying at local coffee shops and traveling the world together, the memories we make and the friendships we build are forever. The brothers I’ve met are now my closest friends, strongest support system, and biggest inspirations.

My fraternal experience in these past years has far exceeded my expectations, and I’m beyond excited for what’s to come. I hope you join us at our upcoming recruitment so you can see for yourself why this organization is so special and how you can take the first step in becoming a part of our Fraternity.

Jocelyn Kuo | President - Pi Sigma Chapter
SVP: (408) 431-5350
Irvine, CA
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