Spring 2019 Recruitment

Recruitment FAQ's

Why should I join a business fraternity?

You should join a business fraternity in order to make your college career professionally worthwhile. While it is possible to obtain various internships and professional knowledge without the aid of a professional business fraternity, becoming a brother provides college students with a vast alumni network in various industries, professional events, recruitment events for companies such as Deloitte, and community service events to further enrich to college experience. Brotherhood is something that cannot be mimicked, and is one of the most important aspects of the fraternity. Once you join Delta Sigma Pi, you are a brother for life.

What sets Delta Sigma Pi a part from other business fraternities?

Delta Sigma Pi is selective only to business related major, not like campus-wide business clubs or social fraternities/sororities. Delta Sigma Pi is also a member of the Professional Fraternity Association which allows for networking and leadership development among 40 other professional fraternities. With Delta Sigma Pi, you will be able to enjoy the largest national convention of any similar fraternity (Grand Chapter Congress) as well as being a brother for your entire life. Lastly, no matter where you go, Delta Sigma Pi will be there because Delta Sigma Pi is in more than 47 countries around the world.

What majors do you accept?

Here is a list of the majors we accept: Business Administration, Business Economics, Business Information Management, Economics, Informatics, Information and Computer Science, and Quantitative Economics . We take students of other majors into our pledging process on a case by case basis, so do not let your major be a deterrent from coming out to our recruitment week.

What is pledging?

Pledging is an intensive six week process designed to help prospective brothers become more personally and professionally developed. The purpose of pledge education is to formally present Fraternity history and information to our potential members. In addition, pledges will learn the business operational requirements of the Fraternity through the planning and participation in various projects described in this program. The pledges will become familiar with the opportunities and obligations available and expected through membership, including: knowledge of basic local and national Fraternity history and operations; meeting procedures, etiquette and organizational skills; special event and fundraising planning skills; and the Fraternity’s emphasis on personal and professional development of the individual.

I've applied in previous quarters, but didn't receive an invitation to pledge. Should I reapply?

Yes! If you have improved yourself personally and professional since the last recruitment process, you have an advantage over those students going through the recruitment process for the first time.

What criteria is used when deciding whom is given an invitation to pledge?

Professional development, willingness to learn, past successes, dedication and social compatibility.

How do I stand out during recruitment?

Be sure to always smile and make conversation with all of the brothers that you can. Recruitment is not only a time for us to get to know you, but also for you to get to know us. If you want to stand out, be yourself and let your inner talents shine throughout the week as you get to know the brothers.

How many pledges does Delta Sigma Pi accept each quarter?

There is no specific amount of pledges that Delta Sigma Pi gives invitations to pledge each quarter. The number varies depending on the compatibility of the prospective members and the brothers.

Can I pledge for Delta Sigma Pi if I am already apart of a sorority/fraternity?

Yes. However, you can not pledge for Delta Sigma Pi if you are a part of another professional fraternity.