Case Study Competition Sample Case

Delta Sigma Pi: Professionalism Week - Winter 2020

Case Study Competition - Sample Case

Case Instructions:

- You have 20 minutes to review this case with your teammates. No phones/tech during case prep.
- You may take notes (notecards/pens provided at event) and use them during the presentation.
- You will assume the role of a consulting firm hired to present the case deliverables to the client (judges).
- Presentation to judges: 5-7 minutes, Q&A: 3 minutes, Feedback/Discussion: 5 minutes

Case Introduction:

You are to assume the role of a consultant working for your client, ANTEATER HOTELS, a moderately priced hotel chain with properties across the country. The C-Suite of the company (judges) has asked you to create marketing strategies and recommend operational changes that focus on teenagers and young adults as the target market.

ANTEATER HOTELS has over 1,500 properties across the United States. Each ANTEATER HOTEL location boasts full-service restaurants, spa and fitness centers, and pools with playground areas along with beautifully appointed guest rooms and suites. The company has the highest rating in overall customer service and is in tight competition with its closest competitor for most rewards club members. While business isn’t hurting, the C-Suite (judges) feels that more attention needs to be focused on expanding brand loyalty, especially to teenagers (age 13-18) and young adults (age 18-25). Company data also shows that young adults make up the smallest portion of their rewards club members.

ANTEATER HOTELS is interested in hearing about effective marketing strategies that can draw in teenagers and young adults to their hotels. Your client is also interested in operational changes to restaurants, fitness centers, and other amenities offered. Lastly, touch upon how the rewards program can be modified to appeal to young adults. The C-Suite (judges) will begin the role-play by greeting you and asking to hear your ideas. After you have presented your strategies and have answered their questions, the C-Suite (judges) will conclude by thanking you for your work and breaking character to go into feedback/discussion of the case.

Case Deliverables:

- Identify company’s unique value proposition.
- Identify steps and information needed prior to implementing a marketing campaign.
- Explain trends in the industry pertaining to teenagers and young adults.
- Conduct a cost-benefit analysis on potential amenities and offerings at hotel restaurants, spa, fitness centers, and other operations
- Identify potential pain-points of the current rewards program for young adult club members.

Case Solution:

The solution and detailed breakdown of this case, along with why case studies are used in interviews, case techniques/frameworks, and general business topics will be reviewed at:

Case Study Workshop - Business 101

February 13th, 2020 | 4-6PM

UCI Student Center | Doheny Beach B