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Our chapter aims to create a high-impact, supportive culture where immensely passionate people are encouraged to pursue their professional and personal dreams. Attend our recruitment events to find out what sets Delta Sigma Pi above and apart.

Why Join?



Delta Sigma Pi offers a career advantage like no other. For over a decade, our chapter has kickstarted and cultivated impactful careers in finance, consulting, marketing, accounting, technology, entrepreneurship, and more. Unsure of what path to choose? We’ll help you out.



With countless opportunities for growth, our brothers become recognized leaders, within the fraternity and beyond. We hold leadership positions in over 25 campus organizations – some have even started their own.



Joining the DSP family means mentorship, inspiration, and countless opportunities to learn and grow. Build lifelong friendships alongside an extensive network of business professionals – with over 300 national chapters and 250 UCI alumni, you can count on your brothers for support no matter where you go.

Hear from our brothers.

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    Maxwell Xu

    Initiated in my First Year Fall | Business Economics | Interested in Product Marketing

    With my first year of college being completely online, it felt like all the advice I got coming into freshman year didn’t apply anymore. I came in directionless in both who I am, and the person that I wanted to become. However, after joining DSP in the fall of my first year, I finally found a community that supported me through thick and thin, no matter the circumstances. The brothers were more than willing to go out of their way to help provide resources and advice on anything that I had questions about. I’ve not only gained so much insight on the professional world and my personal aspirations, but I’ve also gained a group of people I can call my life-long friends. Joining DSP was probably the most impactful and life-changing decision I’ve made in my college career so far!

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    Emily Ros

    Initiated in my Third Year Spring | Business Economics | Interested in Product Management and Marketing

    Before coming to UC Irvine, I felt that I never held a strong interest in a specific field and I felt lost. I knew that the best way to truly understand what I wanted to pursue was by talking to other students and getting involved. I discovered DSP by their various involvements in other business organizations at UC Irvine and that was when I decided to come out to recruitment. I enjoyed each of my conversations with the bros and I felt that each of them would support me in my professional endeavors, and I was right. DSP had introduced me to so many unique individuals that care for me more than I would have ever hoped for in both personal and professional aspects. I had also found my interest in Product Management and Marketing by hearing their experiences and gaining my own. I am glad to have come out to DSP to have created the friendships that I have now. They have truly helped me grow personally and professionally.

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    Tiffany Than

    Initiated in my First Year Fall | Business Administration | Interested in Human Resources

    Coming from a background where all my friends were pursuing a career in STEM, I felt as if I was completely on my own as a business major. I knew I had to get involved to gain guidance and that sense of belonging, especially as a first year with no professional experience. After attending my first recruitment event, I realized that DSP was that one stop shop for the perfect blend of professionalism, friendships, and resources. I gained so much industry knowledge, tips, and tricks that I would not have known on my own. Through DSP, I was able to uncover a passion for HR and landed an internship with everything I’ve learned. Every bro is so willing to help and motivate each other to succeed, and I am proud to say that I’ve found some life long friendships in DSP as well.

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    Brian Anderson

    Initiated in my Second Year Fall | Computer Science & Engineering | Interested in Tech and Law

    As someone who is interested in a disjoint myriad of subjects and fields, I spent my first year at UCI trying to get involved in as much as I possibly could, joining organizations and taking a wide breadth of classes. However, it wasn’t until I joined DSP at the beginning of my second year that I truly felt like I found the centralized, all-encompassing hub for professional development and, even beyond that, the home on campus I had been searching for. I aspire to be an attorney, and it seems difficult to imagine a business-centric fraternity as a place conducive to that kind of career path. But despite the substantial deviation, the brothers have gone out of their way to aid me – from researching career avenues to providing internship opportunities. I can say with certainty that I have grown unprecedented amounts as a professional and an individual in the small time frame I have been a member.


Recruitment is a series of events over two weeks to allow prospective members the opportunity to learn more about Delta Sigma Pi. In turn, our collegiate brothers will be able to learn more about the interested candidates as well. Each event will highlight an aspect of our brotherhood and professionalism such as a game night, alumni panel and professionalism workshop. Interviews are held at the end of the two weeks and select prospective members are then given an invitation to pledge for the Fraternity.
We are the only business fraternity at UC Irvine to restrict membership to business and technology related majors, which is instrumental to our career focus and tight-knit brotherhood. As the oldest business fraternity on campus, we have the largest alumni network in every industry for our brothers to connect with. We organize more professional development initiatives than any other campus organization, giving our brothers an advantage in competitive career opportunities. By emphasizing a balance between brotherhood and professionalism, our brothers find an unrivaled community of driven individuals who motivate each other to succeed. However, what truly makes Delta Sigma Pi unrivaled is our drive to make an impact on our communities and the world at large, which is something unique to each brother. Talk to our brothers to find out more about the impact they’ve made and what they hope to achieve.
Business Administration, Business Information Management, Business Economics, Quantitative Economics, Economics, or a major in the School of Information and Computer Sciences.
After recruitment events and interviews, we extend invitations to select prospective members for our pledging program. Pledging is an intensive five week process designed to help our pledges grow professionally and personally. The time commitment for pledging can be compared to a part-time internship. Pledges learn and exercise team-building, public speaking, and leadership skills – all in the context of business projects and practices. In addition, pledges will learn about the Fraternity’s history and operational requirements through the planning and participation in projects and events. Pledges are paired with big brothers in the chapter for additional mentorship and professional growth. At the end of pledging, pledges are considered for initiation into the Fraternity. Although difficult, pledging is designed to build the highest caliber of brotherhood and professionalism.
If you have grown personally and professionally since your last recruitment process, you have an advantage over those students going through the recruitment process for the first time and are welcome to apply again.
There is no pre-set image of the ideal candidate as we recognize the different contributions that various individuals can make. However, we are still looking for highly motivated scholars that not only work well independently, but within a group as well. Potential, as well as present qualities, is a determining factor in the selection process. Some factors we take into consideration are professional aptitude, past successes, willingness to learn, passion, and social compatibility.
The number of invitations we extend varies widely depending on how many prospective members we believe are qualified. Recent pledge classes have ranged in size from as little as six or as many as thirteen.
Yes. However, you can not pledge for Delta Sigma Pi if you are a part of another professional business fraternity.
If you have more questions, feel free to email
SVP: (650) 303-0421
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